apollo 8 earthrise day

Astronauts, astronauts, astronauts...

          Summer and fall 2018 were pretty busy over here, we had some real astronaut and cosmonaut legends doing private signings for our customers :
Vladimir Dzhanibekov who saved Salyut 7, Nicolai Budarin who did the first Shuttle-MIR docking and finally Apollo 13 legend Fred Haise !
And it’s not over yet….our personal friend Gennady Padalka will be coming again in november – read more below!

          Our friend and wellknown collector William Hartel set up a great website for the upcoming Apollo 8 50th anniversary – don’t forget to check it out at :

          And visit our new arrivals for a flown Apollo 8 checklist, only a very few are left now ! 

          We also have a nice Gus Grissom signed portrait, Neil Armstrong signed LM”Eagle” photo and a great selection of Peenemunde rocket scientists who autographed some authentic V2 fragment covers !

          Happy collecting !

          Florian Noller

Fred Haise private signing

          Fred Haise was at our office signing some stunning oversized Apollo 13 panoramas and images – check them out at our new arrivals section.
          All photos are printed by Whitewall on special highend mat heavy Hahnemuehle fine art print or Ilford b/w special photographic paper. 
Most autographs are available in silver and gold ink – decide yourself !

Gennady Padalka signing

          Record cosmonaut Gennady Padalka who logged the most time in space of any human being with 878 days during 5 spacefights will be at our office again end of november doing a private signing. Please contact us directly for further information !

          To our Spacefest friends  – we are currently working out a deal to get Gennady over attending the next Spacefest !

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